Q9 is a portable and powerful Karaoke microphone with dual  inbuilt  speakers. "It connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth".  It has  all the  goodness of a full blown Karaoke microphone with the  addition of  inbuilt  speakers and convenience of portability.
Built with hard metal, the Q9 is appealing aesthetically and at the same time, it allows a capacitive pickup. The nSound Q9 is ideal for  singing,   teaching, conferencing, monitoring etc. Special care has been  taken to get   the right Transmitter Power, Effective Distance and  Receiver Power. Frequency response and the size of the microphone has  been matched to   provide a better performance. It's uniform  supercardioid pickup pattern  minimizes background noise and the bass  roll-off minimizes proximity  effect. The product has been effectively  built-in with spherical wind and  pop  filter.
For all the power and feature it packs inside, the nSound Q9 has surprisingly got a compact and light weight design. Its sleek form  factor combined with its connectivity options, fine-tuned frequency of  the   microphone and balanced pitch, dual powerful speakers and options  to  control  output like Echo, Treble and Base and last but not the  least, its  2600 mAh  inbuilt rechargeable battery, makes the nSound Q9 a  semi-professional yet  portable Karaoke Microphone.
Key Features:
Portable and Powerful Karaoke Microphone
Dual (3W * 2) Inbuilt Speakers
Inbuilt Bluetooth allows connection with Phones, Tablets & TV (bluetooth)
Can be used as Bluetooth Speaker as well
Ideal for singing, teaching, conferencing & monitoring
Metal exterior with glossy plastic panels
Options to control Echo, Treble, Bass, Device Volume, Connected Device    Volume,
Special Care for Right Transmitter Power with Effective Distance and    Receiver Power Microphone
Supercardioid Pickup Pattern Minimises Background Noise and the Bass    roll-off Minimizes Proximity Effect
Control Options like Echo,Treble and Base is avaliable
Compact and Light Weight Design

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