Bridge2sell a leader retail data and content services helping sellers on-boarding product data and content, standardizing and optimizing product data, product photo shoot etc.

Bridge2sell has been the preferred service provider to all leading market places .

Provides integrated suite of services to sellers that include

· Seller Registration

· Seller Account set up

· Listing products of Sellers

Helps sellers with managing their day-to-day online operations through the seller central panel.

· Updating price and quantity
· Product information (Cataloging and images)
· Order management
· FBA Shipment creation
· Buyer – Seller communication
· Creating and managing promotions
· Inventory Management
· Pricing intelligence
· Business Consulting
· Managing A2Z claims
· Payments (Manage returns and refunds)

We also do photo shoots (Model photo shoot & Product photo shoot), photo editing and SEO services

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ADD: 65, Alloy Sait Compound , Coonoor.